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About Lopez Foods Distributor LLC

Service, Quality at the Best Possible Price

Lopez Foods Distributor LLC is a family owned and operated business that has been providing San Diego County with the best-tasting and most innovative food products in today’s market since 2013. We carry a whole line of tortillas along with chiles, cheeses, and canned goods. 

Jose Lopez, our owner, began selling canned and pre-packed products out of his garage in 2011. In 2013, we opened a small warehouse in El Cajon where a small group of friends, including our owner's family work. Lopez Foods Distributor LLC supplies its products to restaurants, hotels, and institutions across San Diego. 

To provide you with authentic products, we work with a handful of trusted manufacturers who produce our recipes. This allows us to customize our products to suit your preferences and tastes. You'll also find a wide range of tortilla brands to choose from.

Jose Lopez has been working in the tortilla industry and serving customers for over 35 years. Our professionals are committed to providing products of superior-quality at affordable prices in the market. Call us at 619-456-2684 for 24/7 emergency services. Ask us for FREE estimates on our services or if you need FREE samples of our products. We also provide FREE delivery services.
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